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CMT Laboratories is one of Colorado’s most established Marijuana Testing Facilities dedicated to accurate, affordable and timely testing.

In efforts to bring our Colorado cannabis clients more capabilities, CMT Laboratory is proud to announce that we have joined forces with Terra Health Care Labs in Denver.

This merger will provide enhanced testing options, consulting services, and cost savings to both cultivators and MIPs. We are excited to also offer newer equipment and increased efficiencies of both labs.

Clients will still be able to expect the same turn-around times on test results, stellar customer service, and accurate, solid data that both labs have provided; now with even more analysts and instruments to help assure compliance. Our combined labs will be branded under the CMT name, but you can still talk to the same people and visit the same locations.

CMT Laboratory aims to be the single source provider of testing and consulting services required to handle the cannabis industry’s complex requirements.

CMT is licensed and certified by the State of Colorado to assist all licensed marijuana establishments in maintaining compliance with testing regulations, as well as providing for the public health and safety of marijuana products to the consumer. We are currently certified with the State of Colorado for Potency/Homogeneity, Residual Solvents and Microbial testing. Colorado owned and operated, we strive to supply most test results within 2 business days or less. 

Working with the Scientists at CMT Laboratories provides you:

  • Confidence in your product’s potencies
  • Confidence in your product’s safety
  • Confidence in your regulatory compliance
  • Confidence in your ability get your products to market

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