Happy Earth Day!

Here at CMT, being green in very important to us.

Here are the top 10 ways that we celebrate Earth Day:

  1. We recycle 100% of our paper.
  2. We reuse and recycle 100% of our boxes.
  3. We reuse plastic bags (except for micro samples, of course).
  4. We turn off all lights and non-fundamental electronics when closed.
  5. We send digital test reports and invoices to our partners.
  6. We send digital paychecks to our staff and use digital HR forms.
  7. We give all new customers native wildflower seeds.
  8. We ethically dispose of all laboratory waste, as well as autoclave our own microbial waste.
  9. We replaced our windows with energy-efficient versions.
  10. We are shortening our run time so that we use less solvent.

Please let us know if you have any questions about our sustainability efforts or would like tips on going green!


Agriscience Labs Named Colorado Companies to Watch Finalist

Agriscience Labs, the parent company of CMT Laboratories, Terra Health Care Laboratories, and Western Slope Analytics, was just named as a finalist for the 9th Annual Colorado Companies to Watch Awards.

Colorado Companies to Watch (CCTW) honors 2nd-stage companies headquartered in the state of Colorado. The companies that have been honored since the program’s inception demonstrate high performance in the marketplace, innovative products, unique processes, and philanthropic actions.

Jim and Frank attended the CCTW Finalist Reception at the Governor's Mansion.

Jon and Frank attended the CCTW Finalist Reception at the Governor’s Mansion.

The 50 companies selected each year make an astounding impact on Colorado’s economy by collectively providing thousands of jobs and contributing millions of dollars in revenue. The Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade (OEDIT) launched the program in 2009.

“The 2017 Colorado Companies to Watch Finalists represent the state’s most innovative and impactful businesses,” said Rick Ninneman, CCTW Chairman of the Board. “We are proud to recognize the contributions of 2nd stage companies in Colorado, that often work behind the scenes creating the bulk of economic growth in our state.”

CCTW received close to 1,000 nominations. Winners chosen from the finalists will be announced at the 9th Annual Gala Awards Dinner on June 23 at the Denver Marriott City Center.


Visit to CMT Labs (via Growers Network)

Nicholas Tolstoshev, the community manager for Growers Network (a private community for commercial cannabis growers) wrote this wonderful article on CMT Labs after his tour last week.

With his permission, we’re posting the full article below.

Join their site to read other great write-ups like this one, as well as contribute to interesting discussions about the industry.



The front desk at CMT Labs

CMT Labs is located on the east side of Denver in the industrial district, right next to the train tracks. I went in on a sunny afternoon to get a tour and check out their operation. I met with Hayley Witherell, their Director of Sales (@cmtlabs on the community), who hooked me up with some CMT merchandise: a lighter and a pouch of seeds (Forget-Me-Not flower seeds, not what you’re thinking). Hayley told me that CMT had recently merged with another testing lab, and they were in the process of opening a third location later in 2017. After I signed in and received a visitor badge, Hayley began the tour with me.

The desk is adorned with stickers from their clients

The desk is adorned with stickers from their clients

We first stopped at the prep room where samples are prepared for chromatography. Samples are homogenized, the cannabinoids are extracted and the final solution is diluted for final analysis. Certain samples, such as edibles and topicals, require special proprietary techniques in order to thoroughly extract cannabinoids. In several cases, samples have such a unique composition that CMT has developed extraction methods just for that matrix.


Liquid chromatography machine for measuring THC and cannabinoids

We then stopped in the gas and liquid chromatography room (HPLC/GC-FID). Because THC and the cannabinoids are complex organic molecules, the heat from a gas chromatography machine will denature them. Therefore most testing facilities rely upon liquid chromatography. There were several Agilent chromatograph machines in a row against the wall. Each machine tray holds around 100 sample vials and two tray runs can be completed in one day. As a result CMT has a quick turnaround on testing. CMT currently tests for 5 cannabinoids: THC, THCa, CBD, CBDa and CBN. They are in the process of increasing their testing capabilities to 12 different cannabinoids and will add more as new cannabinoids are discovered and their profiles added to the chromatography software.

Close up of the loading tray for the prepared samples

Close up of the loading tray for the prepared samples

On the other side of the room, the gas chromatographs were set up. They are most commonly used to test for residual solvents in concentrates, such as butane, heptane, benzene, toluene, hexane and xylenes. They’re also used to test for terpene profiles, since terpenes can tolerate the heat from the gas process. CMT tests for 21 terpenes and terpenoids using a quantitative method. All of the testing machines are regularly calibrated to ensure test accuracy.

Gas chromatography for testing terpenes and contaminants

Gas chromatography for testing terpenes and contaminants

The final testing room is located on the other side of the building to prevent cross-contamination; this room is used for testing for mold, yeast and bacteria (Salmonella and E. coli). All samples, including flower, are analyzed for total yeast and mold using 3M Petri Film plates. The presence of bacterial contaminants is determined by qPCR, which monitors the amplification of a targeted DNA molecule in real-time. CMT grows their own contaminant species to use as a baseline for their tests. Every four weeks, CMT runs their known samples through the testing procedure to make sure their instruments are accurate. The scientist who runs the contamination lab told me that fewer than 5% of samples fail testing. When a failure occurs, the original batch has to be destroyed or converted into concentrates rather than go to market as flower.

CMT labs has a reputation as one of the most accurate testing labs in the state. They prefer to focus on quality and customer success, rather than be the Walmart of cannabis testing. To keep their Colorado state certification, they are subject to yearly inspections and audits of their testing protocols to make sure that their procedures are accurate and safe.

CMT Labs always has one eye on the clock to make sure your testing is done on time

CMT Labs always has one eye on the clock to make sure your testing is done on time

As part of the testing process, CMT reviews their clients operating procedures to help them avoid contamination and get the best results. For example, one of their clients was having trouble with keeping a consistent dosage in their edibles. CMT experts observed the client’s methodology and noticed that the pipette used to add THC oil was having clogging issues. On one dose, the pipette would not fully empty, giving only half of the normal volume of oil, while the next dose would include the leftover oil from the first dose. The client needed a fresh set of experienced eyes to figure out the problem and come up with a solution.

According to CMT, the general public is unaware of the importance of lab testing, but they’re hoping that could change in the future. One thing I learned from the folks at CMT was that Colorado does not mandate any testing for the medicinal market other than flower potency. Since the regulations for medicinal pre-date the recreational regulations, they don’t yet have the same testing requirements for contaminants. Ironically you’re currently safer purchasing recreational cannabis products as they have more thorough testing requirements in place. Along with bringing the medicinal requirements up to snuff, Colorado is planning on adding pesticide residue testing to their requirements. CMT has equipment standing by ready to implement those tests as soon as the MED begins enforcement of the pesticide testing regulations.

My take home swag

My take home swag

A big thank you to Hayley and the staff for giving me such a thorough tour. Everyone I met was friendly and welcoming and loved talking about their work. I left better-educated about what goes into the process of making sure the cannabis I purchase is safe and effective.

Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 11.43.26 AM

ComMuniTy: Doctors Without Borders

CMT is a proud contributor to Doctors Without Borders.

Created in 1971 by a group of French doctors and journalists after the Miafra succession, Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) has become an international medical humanitarian organization which provides aid to approximately 60 countries.

The organization provides medical assistance where the need is greatest, delivering emergency medical aid to people affected by conflict, epidemics, disasters, or exclusion from health care.


Bud of the Month: Kind Love’s Cookies & Cream (March 2017)

Congratulations to Kind Love, whose Cookies and Cream won our Bud of the Month contest for March 2017.

The total THCa in their bud tested at 31.1%!

CMT awarded them a complimentary terpene profile for their amazing strain.


Kind Love accepts their award

There were a lot of great buds this month, with High Canyon Cultivation’s Rock Star Kush (29.9% THCa) and Natural Alternative’s for Health Shroomy’s Diesel (29.1% THCa) scoring as honorable mentions.


420 Testing Blow Out

CMT is having a 420 Testing Blow Out!

If you haven’t tested at CMT for a while, now’s the time to try us again.


  • Potency tests are $42.0 the entire month of April!
  • Potency results are guaranteed in Metrc by 5 PM two business days after receiving them.*


*Drop offs must be during our business hours (Monday – Friday, 9:30 AM – 5 PM). Homogeneity and first time edibles require a bit more analysis, so they’re unable to be included in the guarantee, but everything else is!


INTRODUCING: Strain-Specific Test Reports

You gave us your feedback, and we listened!

For your convenience, every test report from CMT Labs now includes the regular one-page report, plus each individual sample on its own page.

Don’t worry! The first pages are still what you’re used to seeing. The other pages are just a bonus to use for wholesale or on your sales floor – because YOU asked for it.

clementine logo1

CMT Official Testing Lab for The Clementine Challenge

Our friends at Sacred Seed are holding The Clementine Challenge, and they picked CMT Labs to be the official testing laboratory.

It’s the first event of its kind. Sacred Seed picked 6 extraction experts to process one strain. All of the experts must make a concentrate, and CMT is profiling the cannabinoids and terpenes in these products.

Once we test all of the submissions, they will be for sale in the form of 6 half-gram “flights” at their Denver store (5885 E Evans Ave). Customers are the judges, and Sacred Seed is compensating all voters for their efforts with store credit.


CMT Rolling Out Weekly Sample Pick-Ups

We are rolling out weekly sample pick-ups to our clients for no additional charge!
Every Wednesday, we’ll be picking up samples at all locations within 5 miles of I70 from Parachute to Denver, also including Highway 82 from Glenwood Springs to Aspen, and Highway 131 from Wolcott to Steamboat Springs.
With enough people on board, we aim to do pick-ups from other locations regularly, such as Pueblo and Colorado Springs on Mondays, as well as the Fort Collins and Greeley area on Tuesdays.
Give us a ring to ask about our hook-ups for referring new clients in those areas or to see when we can work out a sample pick-up for you!