INTRODUCING: AgriScience Labs

AgriScience Labs (ASL) is now the largest, most experienced network of cannabis testing laboratories in Colorado!

We are a combination of three locations: CMT Laboratories, Terra Health Care Laboratories, and Western Slope Analytical. CMT has been operating since 2011 and has known as a leader in science and customer service during that time. Terra Health Care Laboratories (THCL) is known for its state of the art equipment, methods, and facilities. Western Slope Analytical (WSA), our newest location, is opening soon in Silt, Colorado to service western slope growers and manufacturers.

We’ve made a ton of upgrades to our services since our merger earlier this year.

The Brothers (4)

We now have more cannabinoids (13), lower prices, smaller sample sizes, and a 2-day-or-no-pay flower & extract potency guarantee.

You’ll still have the amazing customer service you’re used to from the same staff, but we have moved to a new, state-of-the-art testing facility.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a free pick-up, please just reach out to us!



Bud of the Month: Sedgwick Alternative Relief’s Chemical Nightmare (June 2017)

Congratulations to Sedgwick Alternative Relief, whose Chemical Nightmare won our Bud of the Month contest for June 2017.

The total THCA in their bud tested at 30.0%!

CMT awarded them a complimentary terpene profile for their amazing strain.

Sedgwick Alternative Relief grow team accepts their award

Sedgwick Alternative Relief grow team accepts their award

There were a lot of great buds this month, with Sacred Seed’s Star Dog B (29.8% THCA) and Mr. Good Budz’s Donkey Kong (29.5% THCA) scoring as honorable mentions.


Bud of the Month: Sacred Seed’s Mr. White (May 2017)

Congratulations to Sacred Seed, whose Mr. White won our Bud of the Month contest for May 2017.

The total THCa in their bud tested at 32.7%!

CMT awarded them a complimentary terpene profile for their amazing strain.

Sacred Seed grow team accepts their award

Sacred Seed grow team accepts their award

There were a lot of great buds this month, with A Cut Above’s God Bud (29.0% THCA) and RiNo Supply Company’s Bruce Banner (28.7% THCA) scoring as honorable mentions.


CoMmuniTy: Mother’s High Tea

CMT Laboratories was proud to sponsor and attend Mother’s High Tea again this year.

Mother’s High Tea is the signature social event for the cannabis advocacy and business communities. It is a family-friendly, public high tea, designed to normalize legalized cannabis and those who work in the cannabis industry and advocacy arenas. And most importantly, it benefits local (cannabis) non-profits!

Thanks to Susan Squibb and everyone who helped put on the event. We had a wonderful time!

We shared laughs with the team from Stillwater Brands!

The food was delicious.

The food was delicious.

The decorations were on point.

The decorations were on point.

We got screen time!

We got screen time!

We even got a free copy of this wonderful book.

We even got a free copy of this wonderful book.

We cannot wait for the next event, and we suggest that everyone checks it out for next year. Thanks for putting it on!

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Lab testing can be cool: Meet an expert! (via Cannabis Trainers)

Maureen McNamara, the Founder and Chief Facilitator of Cannabis Trainers (a corporation founded to create and deliver training solutions for the cannabis industry) chose our lab director for appreciation in their newsletter.

With her team’s permission, we’re posting the full interview below.

Join their mailing list to read other great write-ups like this one, as well as hear about important compliance updates. The sign-up link is at the bottom of their site.

THCLabs_Print-53 copy

Claire McLeod Ohman, PhD, CMT Lab Director

We are pleased to recognize Claire MacLeod Ohman, PhD, Lab Director for CMT Laboratories.

Claire earned her BA in chemistry from Connecticut College, her MS in organic chemistry from the University of Pennsylvania, and her PhD in inorganic analytical chemistry from the University of Colorado. She has also volunteered for the US Geological Survey and for the Dumb Friends League.

Claire is on the Pesticide Working Group, the Colorado Lab Council, and American Chemical Society, she has 3 patents, has co-authored 3 scientific publications, and received the Sewell Prize in Chemistry.

We asked Claire what she likes most about the industry?

I love being around people who are passionate about what they do. We’re on the front lines of the liberal social movement that’s changing the way that people view consumption of cannabis worldwide, and the field is so new that you’re really paving the way for generations to come.

I have worked in different laboratory environments for over 20 years and now I have finally found my passion.  The energy and intelligence of the people that surrounds me is phenomenal.  As professional scientists, we work in a highly regulated environment and we strive to be accurate each and every time.  But these individuals LOVE what they do and that makes our job much more fun.  I adore my laboratory family!


Here are the scientists of CMT Laboratories!  Notice they follow compliance and wear their badges? Great job team!

We also asked her point of view about the importance of lab testing for cannabis?

Analytical testing of cannabis products is important to protect consumer’s public health and safety.  The consumer has a right to know what they are using, whether it is a CBD topical, flower for smoking or an edible for consumption.  Making sure that your products contain the right ingredients as listed on the label and that your cannabis is free of mold and microbial contaminants is important.  The goal of everyone in a cannabis testing facility is to keep people safe and to make sure that products contain what they say they contain.

Also, my work at the Dumb Friends League animal shelter is not glamorous or heroic by any stretch of the imagination.  Basically I clean dog kennels.  I’ve had the opportunity to move into dog walking, but I feel so bad for the dogs who are stuck in their kennels and have no choice but to use it as a toilet.  They deserve a clean place to sleep just as we do, so every Sunday I put on my rubber boots and gloves and go wash out kennels for 5 hours.  It’s the absolute least I can do.

To read more about lab testing at CMT Labs, check out this article that Nicholas Tolstoshev, the community manager for Growers Network, wrote after his tour.


Bud of the Month: Green and Healthy Wellness’ Elephant Skunk x Sour Diesel (April 2017)

Congratulations to Green and Healthy Wellness, whose Elephant Skunk x Sour Diesel won our Bud of the Month contest for April 2017.

The total THCa in their bud tested at 31.7%!

CMT awarded them a complimentary terpene profile for their amazing strain.

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 11.45.31 AM

Green and Healthy Wellness accepts their award

There were a lot of great buds this month, with Holistic Life’s Donkey Kong (30.3% THCa) and Kind Love’s Cookies and Cream (30.0% THCa) scoring as honorable mentions.


CannaMed: Always a Great Learning Experience

“Not asking for easy” was the theme of CannMed 2017, advancing Medical Cannabis through Science, Knowledge, and Community. I was given the great pleasure of traveling to Boston and attending CannMed at Harvard Medical School, surrounded by some of the brightest minds in medical cannabis research.

Over two days’ presenters talked about research developments in understanding the mechanisms of cannabinoids in our endocannabinoid system to better understand treatment for a variety of medical conditions. I really enjoyed learning about the advancements that have been made in treating cancer, neurological disorders, and epilepsy with cannabis. There were also some engaging presentations on cannabis as a solution for the opioid epidemic and challenges clinicians face when treating medical patients with cannabis.

Some of the most exciting research is coming out of Israel, looking at matching an effective cannabis strain with a specific subtype of cancer. There was a panel discussion with former NFL players advocating for cannabis use in the NFL to help professional athletes stay away from opioids and recover faster from injuries.

Overall, everyone involved in the industry is a part of a bigger goal, and it is inspiring to know we are all sticking it out knowing this is an uphill battle and it isn’t going to be easy. There has been a lot of forward progress and I know we can continue to pour our hearts into what we believe in, to make major changes and understand everything we can about medical cannabis.

Feel free to reach out to me while at CMT dropping off samples or in an email if there is anything that interests you!


What is Decarboxylation?

When THC is formed in cannabis, it is in the non-psychoactive form, THCA. The “A” represents carboxylic acid (COO-) that is attached to the compound. This small difference changes the properties of the two compounds, which is why simply eating cannabis won’t get you high. It must be decarboxylated first, from THCA into THC, to obtain the psychoactive effect.

To decarboxylate, THCA must be heated beyond 125-135 °C (257-275 °F), like when you are smoking flower. When smoking a joint or a bowl, the flame from the lighter combusts THCA and releases THC and CO2 in a gaseous form that can be absorbed into your bloodstream through your lungs. The amount of heat and time needed to fully decarb THCA will vary depending on numerous variables, including the amount of flower, its moisture content, type/size of oven, heating vessel, etc.

When making edibles, the oven lets us heat the flower at an exact temperature and time allowing for a more controlled and complete conversion. Once the flower is fully converted to THC, it can be used to make various infused products that can be absorbed into the bloodstream numerous ways, such as through the skin or digestive tract.


$35 Extract Potency in May

Our 420 specials were such a hit that we’re getting wild for May too!

How so? All extract potency tests are just $35 throughout the entire month of May 2017.

And, as always, potency results are TWO DAY OR DON’T PAY, which means that they’re guaranteed in Metrc by end of business two working days after receiving them.*


*Drop offs must be during our business hours (Monday – Friday, 9:30 AM – 5 PM).